Colegio Menor


My first day at Colegio Menor was amazing! I am a student teacher for a kindergarten class called Cumbarazo. The campus is beautiful and all the teachers are so friendly! I am getting a lot of practice in Spanish and sharing English as well. This week I will start assessments for the students and work with a few one-on-one. I like that I was able to start planning with my teacher this week.


My students are so sweet! They made beautiful pictures for me on my first day! I also got a tangerine from the bus driver that is bigger than my hand!


Here is my house where I am staying in Kumbaya. My host mother, Eliana, is so sweet! I am getting a lot of practice with my Spanish because she does not speak English. I love the challenge and she is patient with us. Her home is beautiful! Her daughter and grandchildren live next door. They are fun!


One thought on “Colegio Menor

  1. Annie West says:

    Glad you are there and liking it so far. What an experience and great opportunity. Wish you all the best and loved reading your blog!


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