Funtastic Friday!


Ta-da! A finished bulletin board made with the students’ artwork only! It is so cute! It has been fun teaching the art center and being creative with our recyclable materials to create something beautiful as a class.

This week in the science center, students have been learning about the characteristics and origins of sand, soil, and rocks using styreoscopes. It was fun to watch them make their own scientific discoveries about sand, soil, and rocks as they drew what they observed!

This week was letter “c” and number 16 week! At the manipulatives center, students practiced writing, tracing, and drawing the number 16 – including 16 cookies! Yum! We also played games with letter “c” as well as consuming goodies like cookies and crocodile gummies!
In the blocks center, we are learning English street signs. Students set up their own neighborhood. One student set up a police station to take cars to jail if they weren’t following the street signs correctly! I love their active imaginations! The class seems to learn through play, which is more effective than very structured learning with worksheets.


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