17 Ants go Marching


This week in Kinder Chimborazo students focused on learning the letter A and number 17 this week. We also had a writer’s workshop for our young authors to write a realistic or fantasy story with their very cute writer’s pencil! Their stories were very interesting. Some stories were about going on vacations or to school whereas others were about purple flying shark-aligators and magic places where you could walk on firey lava!


I had the opportunity this week to not only lead a center and RiT tutoring, but also soloing during circle time on the carpet. We counted the number of days they are in school, calendar, weather, and place value. I also was able to introduce Thanksgiving and share my traditions as well as a tasty pumpkin pie I made! We also played a ending sounds game I created where students are given a picture and they had to find their partner who had the same ending sound. It was fun! They caught on quickly and soon I was timing them to see how quickly they could find their partners – 27 seconds was the record!

This week was a little rainy and the students were a bit…. “antsy.” So, gonoodle.com was introduced to the class this week! I think I have heard the song “Run Like the Kitty-Kitty” a thousand times! We have also been dancing and singing to Usher’s “ABC’S of Moving You” song with Sesame Street.


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